Charging solutions for electric commercial vehicles

If you want to switch to electric driving but do not yet have the right charging solutions in place, Derks Commercial Vehicles will be happy to help you get started. If required, we will put you in touch with a specialised company in charging stations during the purchase process of an electric commercial vehicle.

Electric commercial vehicles

The Automotive is in full swing and there is a growing need for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. That is why we supply several types of high-quality electric commercial vehicles and electric cargo bikes. To help you make the switch to electric transport, we can offer numerous solutions together with our partners.

Partners in Charging Solutions

To help you get a charging station, we work with partners we select. They have extensive experience in implementing tailor-made charging solutions. They have knowledge with small and large business companies and have charging solutions for your home, business or on the road. Just where you want.

Should you want to drive electric, we will make this happen for you together with our partners.

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