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Funeral mobility without worries. That is what we aim for at Derks Funeral Mobility. That is why with us you will find everything under one roof. Purchase, lease, modifications and adjustments, maintenance, repair and insurance. Our stock of hearses and funeral vans has been deliberately compiled in such a way that we can offer you the best brands and models. And through our craftsmanship, all your wishes can be realized. We even develop completely new funeral vehicles. We are ready to get started with your mobility issue!

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Hearses and funeral vans

As a specialist in funeral vehicles and over 30 years of experience in commercial mobility, we offer the solution that suits you best. We have a large stock of (young) used or new hearses and funeral vans. We can also build the desired vehicle to measure. With our own workshops, both for maintenance and modification, we have everything under one roof to fully fulfill all your wishes. We are ready to advise you.

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Do you find it difficult to find a funeral vehicle that meets your criteria? Derks Funeral Mobility has the right knowledge to help you. Let us make you a suitable offer.

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