Commercial vehicle insurance

For your commercial vehicle insurance, you have come to the right place. We offer you customized insurance so you can drive and do business carefree. Whether you are a landscaper, painter, butcher or package delivery man, we have insurance for companies from all industries. So you have an insurance that suits your situation and you never pay too much.

The right insurance for your commercial vehicle

Since you are busy with your business, we also want to take care of insuring your company car. Here the premium is important and that you are well insured in case of damage. Contact us for the right insurance with the right coverage.

Why insure your commercial vehicle with us?

  • Always a tailor-made offer
  • Always competitive premiums - even for 1 car
  • Choice of excess amount
  • Choice of whether or not to contribute your claim-free years
  • High group discounts
  • Quick claims handling always via Derks Commercial Vehicles

Well-insured driving with a low premium. Therefore Derks

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We are happy to give you customized advice so that the insurance fits your business operations. Request a free premium calculation now.

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