Maintenance Workshop

In our Maintenance Workshop, entrepreneurs and freelancers can come with all brands and types of vans, refrigerated trucks and funeral vehicles up to 3500 kg GVW. Our professional workshop has the latest techniques, modern equipment and expert employees, which allows us to offer you a complete service such as maintenance, repair and APK/MOT. Let us know how we can help you!

Our maintenance services

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Maintenance of Commercial vehicles

In our Maintenance Workshop, a complete team of car specialists is ready to provide you with tailor-made service every day. We always use the latest techniques and excellent quality materials so that we can offer you an optimal guarantee and you can get back on the road satisfied!

Repair of Commercial Vehicles

In the event of damage, we will establish the diagnosis and will consult with you before we proceed to repair your vehicle. Having a damaged vehicle repaired keeps you safe on the road. But even if the damage does not lead to dangerous situations, it is good to have your commercial vehicle repaired in the event of damage, because a well-cared-for vehicle is simply more representative. And a well-maintained vehicle also has a higher daily value.

General Periodic Inspection APK

At the General Periodic Inspection (APK) we check whether a van, refrigerated truck or funeral vehicle meets the legal safety and environmental requirements. An APK/MOT inspection prevents dangerous situations with vehicles that are too unsafe to participate in traffic. In addition, we protect the environment in this way: cars and vans that emit too many harmful substances are rejected.


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