Thermo King Transportkoeling

Thermo King Transport Cooling

Derks Cooling Vans has extensive experience in maintaining and installing all brands of cooling systems, including those of Thermo King. We are happy to inform you about the different cooling systems.

Thermo King cooling systems

Thermo King Transport cooling offers various cooling systems, which we can apply, for instance B-100 (MAX), V-200 (MAX), V-200 MAX Spectrum, V-100 (MAX), V-300 (MAX) and the V-300 MAX Spectrum.

We have extensive experience in converting vans into refrigerated vehicles. Depending on your wishes, we can determine in good consultation which cooling system suits you best.

To be able to configure your refrigerated truck, you first need to choose the make and model of company car which you like to drive and the amount of cargo volume you need. Also the insulation value you require: cooling; freezing or multitemp.